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~ March 2022 Litter ~


Anabelle x Sabyr

This breeding was with 'Sabyr' who is a loving & gentle family dog.

Sabyr 1.jpg
Sabyr 3.jpg


Birthdate: May 30, 2017

Registrations: CKC FD-EJ4001185 (also registered with AKC)

Health Clearances:

  • Hips, OFA - Good

  • Elbows, OFA - Normal

  • Eyes, CAER - Normal (Nov 2021)

  • PRA - Affected *not infected*

  • PFK - Clear

Weight: 55lbs

Colour: Black & White, with tri markings

Lineage: Bench

Temperament: Sabyr is a bright, good-tempered young lad with a solid build. Sabyr can lay for hours, content to be with the family he loves. But like all sporting dogs, he has copious amounts of energy and loves  daily walks and a good run. Spaniels are known for their profuse tail wagging and Sabyr is no exception! He loves being around people and is eager to please, yet he also has an independent streak and carries himself with pride. 

O'Sheas Peedie Bairn Anabelle

Birthdate: September 12, 2018

Registrations: CKC FS775603

Health Clearances: 

  • Hips, OFA - Good

  • Elbows, OFA - Normal 

  • Eyes, OFA CAER - Normal (Nov 2021)

  • PRA, PFK, Fuco, DM & FN - Clear

Weight: 45 lbs

Colour: Blue Roan, with tri markings

Lineage: Bench, European and some Field

Temperament: Anabelle is a funny, playful girl and is known to be somewhat mischievous. Some of her favourite activities include swimming and jumping on the trampoline with the kids. Anabelle loves everyone and everything, we often joke that she would likely go home with just about anyone. She is calm and sweet, often rolling over to solicit belly rubs from even visitors. She happily follows us around the house until flopping down at our feet. She is a joy to have in our lives and such a wonderful Mama to her puppies.

On March 13th, Anabelle welcomed 5 beautiful puppies:
2 boys & 3 girls


With this breeding we had a rainbow litter, meaning all colour combinations.


There were black & white, black & white with roan, liver & white, and liver & white with roan. All puppies are tri, meaning they have the tan colour points like their parents.


~ These puppies are all reserved ~

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