Purchase Process...

The decision to add a puppy to your family is huge and the search for a puppy is such an exciting time!


We are honoured that you appreciate our efforts as a responsible breeder. 

Now that you have decided to apply for one of our puppies, we want to make this part of the process as seamless as possible.

~ At this time, we are not accepting Applications ~

We will accept further applications in the future, so keep checking back. 

~ Applying To Purchase One Of Our Puppies ~

First, please review all the information on our website. We have purposely added a lot of information so that you can make an informed decision. We want you to feel comfortable with our breeding practices and us.


If you have reviewed our website thoroughly, you are confident that this is the right breed for your household, you understand and agree to the conditions set out, and you would like to apply to adopt one of our puppies - great!

Our Purchase Process:

This Application Process confirms your commitment to purchasing one of our puppies and

allows us to focus our communications. As we have already formed a relationship with you by the time puppies

are born, we are able to direction our attention toward caring for the puppies.


Step 1. Application

  • Confirmation of Agreement to Terms

  • Completion of Puppy Application


Step 2. Phone/Video Interview

  • An opportunity to discuss your specific situation further

  • Provides dedicated time for us both to ask further questions

  • Allows us to get a feel for each other and decide if we want to move forward

Step 3. Reservation Fee of $100

  • Reserves a designated spot on the waitlist, payable when offered a spot

  • Applied towards the purchase price of your puppy

  • Non-refundable if you change your mind


Step 4. Retainer Fee of $500

  • Retains a puppy on your behalf, payable when puppies are 2 weeks old

  • Applied towards the purchase price of your puppy

  • Non-refundable if you change your mind

Step 5. Puppy Selection

  • We reserve the right to keep back any puppy for our breeding program up until this point

  • Selection will take place when available puppies are 6 weeks old

Step 6. Purchase Balance

  • Secures your puppy, payable when puppies are 8 weeks old

  • Purchase price is dependent on the litter and determined at time of breeding

Step 7. Go Home Time

  • Puppies will be ready to leave for their new homes between 8 to 9 weeks old

  • We will choose the appropriate time for the puppy to leave and communicate this with families

Note: we reserve the right to cancel the sale and return your deposit at any time, if we feel that you are not a suitable fit.