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Our Commitment...

we are committed to being

responsible breeders.

We are committed to using the best information, recommendations and tools

available in this wonderful task of producing and rearing puppies.

We are committed to ensuring each dog in our breeding program lives as a cherished member of their family, is stimulated through regular training and play, and

receives excellent nutrition and care.


Above all, we are committed to providing the best care for these precious puppies.

They are entrusted to us for just a short time, but will ultimately become 

your loving companions for many years to come.



  • Keeping informed on the best information available to influence our practices

  • Following the best recommendations in this area to guide our processes

  • Utilizing the best tools to assist our efforts


~Health Screening & Genetic Testing ~

Gone are the days where 'shots and wormed' or 'vet checked' were acceptable standards for producing healthy puppies. With the advance of science we now have the ability to go beyond this and test for the commonly known issues of each breed. Health screening & genetic testing should be breed specific as outlined by the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC). For further information, see the AKC article on Dog Breed Health Testing Requirements.


We believe that healthy dogs and puppies involves not only regular veterinary care but health clearances as well. We are committed to taking every precaution we can to ensure we are doing our best to producing litters that have the highest chance of being healthy companions for years to come .


The way we do this is to start with parents that have had proper health screenings to ensure they are not inflicted with any health conditions as well as genetic testing to ensure they do not carry any inheritable genetic diseases that could be passed on to the puppies. This commitment is not a cheap or easy one, it takes more effort and money than many breeders are willing to put forward.


We take these extra steps to ensure we are starting with the healthiest parents and producing the healthiest puppies we can. 

However it must be noted that these steps cannot altogether 

prevent or guarantee against the occurrence of all health conditions or inheritable diseases.

Even using all the best information and tools available, this is not possible. Science is evolving and often over time we find that what we thought was the best approach actually may not have been.

The best we can do is use the information and tools of the day to guide our breeding,

in an attempt to avoid passing on hereditary diseases and conditions. 

These steps can assure both breeder and buyer that every precaution has been taken to avoid the occurrence and it most certainly decreases the possibility of producing puppies with health conditions or inheritable diseases. Purchasing puppies from breeders that are committed to proper veterinary care, health screening and genetic testing provides you with the healthiest puppy possible. It also supports the success of responsible breeders and sets a standard for other breeders to work towards.

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