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We are not a large scale breeder, we usually have only 1 litter/year.

Our dogs are our beloved pets so we only breed with their health in mind.


Our Focus Is On Responsible Breeding

Practices And Producing Quality Puppies


Our puppies are usually spoken for before they are born so please be prepared for a wait.

We think you will be glad you did!

Here is a little video of a sweet puppy from a past litter.

~ About Our Puppies ~

Our puppies come with:

  • Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Registration

  • Veterinary examination (including 1st set of vaccines and deworming)

  • Micro chipped

  • Introductory pet insurance offer

  • Health Warranty, 2 years against hereditary diseases

  • Puppy Welcome Package including:

    • Sample packages of Orijen Puppy Food. We use award-wining Orijen Dog Food because it is high quality and made right here in Canada! All ingredients are natural and locally sourced, their foods are biologically appropriate replicating a dogs natural whole-prey diet and providing all nutritional needs.

Our puppies have:

  • Natural Tails

    • Tails will be left intact as docking is illegal here, see article.
    • Although the tail is customarily docked in the United States, this is not the case in most European countries. The tail is a natural part of the dogs body and we believe it is a beautiful, natural part of their bodies. It is now becoming more commonplace to leave the tail intact.

    • The CKC standard allows for a tail that is docked or undocked​, providing a description of each.

    • The AKC standard specifies a docked tail, however an undocked tail is considered acceptable for field or show and is not to be faulted. See the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Associations statement

  • Front dewclaws

    • Front dewclaws will be left intact as we do not believe it is necessary to remove them.

    • Front dew claws have customarily been removed, cited as a potential danger when snared. However, this is most often because the dewclaw had not been trimmed appropriately and can be avoided.

    • Research has emerged advocating that front dewclaws are an integral part of the dogs anatomy. There is now growing support for leaving the front dewclaws intact.

~ What to expect ~

  • Placement of your puppy:

    • We don't match puppies until they are 6 - 7 weeks of age. This gives time for all of us to ​observe each puppies individual personality and for us to get to know each family better. 


  • Visiting or picking up your puppy:

    • We welcome you to visit us, by appointment only.

    • For the protection of our puppies, visitors must not have been to a dog park or another kennel, shelter or rescue within the last 2 weeks prior to visiting us.

  • Transporting your puppy:

    • Puppies can be flown safely from either the Vancouver BC airport (YVR) or the Seattle Washington airport (SEA) for a delivery fee and flight costs (these must be paid prior to the flight being scheduled).

  • The cost of your puppy and adult dog:

    • Initial cost: the purchase price of our puppies is a big investment, each litter is independently priced. 

      • Vet check-up & vaccines - around $300

      • Equipment & Supplies - crate/kennel, exercise pen, bed, leash, toys, etc. - around $200

    • Ongoing costs: Puppies (well dogs in general) are expensive! 

      • Vet care & treatments, this is hard to estimate but the bare minimum is yearly vaccines and check-up (but there will be more) - $300 annually

      • Food, a large bag of high quality food will last about 3 months ​- $100 quarterly

      • Grooming, usually done every 2 months - $80 bi-monthly

      • Pet Insurance, this is a smart thing for any pet owner (cost depends on the coverage) - $45 monthly

      • Flea/tick/worm treatment - $25 monthly

      • Supplies & treats - $30 monthly

      • Extras include dog daycare, dog walkers, sports & activities, training, plus any additional gear 

  • After bringing your puppy home:

    • Providing proper care of your dog includes regular dental and veterinary care. But just as important are nutrition, socializing, training, grooming, a safe environment and regular exercise.

    • For your puppy grow into a healthy, well behaved dog you will need to provide it with proper care.

      • Your puppy package will include recommendations based on our experience with the breed.

      • A lifetime membership with the Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School. Your enrolment and participation begins prior to bringing your puppy home and should continue through adulthood. This will give your puppy the best start and avoid problem behaviours later. Your commitment to ongoing training is an investment in your puppy that will pay off. 

      • Grooming is very important for this breed! If you are not prepared to provide regular grooming then you should find another breed. At home grooming includes brushing/combing hair and cleaning ears weekly. as well as bathing and nail trimming/grinding bi-weekly. Professional grooming offers many benefits and should be done every 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Keeping in touch:

    • We LOVE getting emails from our puppy families, updates or pictures are always welcome.

    • As a Pure Heart puppy family, you will be invited to our private Pure Heart Family Facebook group. This is a fun place to share stories and ideas with other owners. Of course, we all love to see the pictures of these beautiful pooches too!

Care of your dog


  • Veterinary care

  • Nutritious food and weight management 
  • Training and socializing

  • Regular exercise and mental stimulation

  • A safe environment

  • Regular cleaning and grooming

  • Frequent dental care

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