The Roan Coat Colour...

English Springer Spaniels typically come in liver & white or black & white coat colouring,

either with or without tan markings. Some also have roaning or ticking,

especially those with European lineage.

What is roan anyhow?

  • The roan or ticked colour is present in many breeds of gundogs including the English Springer Spaniel, although not a traditional coat colour. 

  • In dogs, roan manifests itself only in unpigmented areas, the presence and shape of which are determined by other genes. Dogs with roaning or ticking are born with clear, open white markings which begin to fill in with flecking in the subsequent weeks and continue to darken with age. 

  • Roan is an acceptable colour with both the CKC and AKC breed standards. Some breed standards use the terms "ticked" and "roan" interchangeably, ticked referring to clearly defined flecks on a white background and the roan referring to flecks so closely spaced that the mixture appears even. Most standards call a black dog with roaning blue.

We love the roan colouring and are happy to produce puppies with this beautiful coat colouring.


When born, the roan colouring is barely noticeable, seen mostly around the nose & paws.

Blue Roan


This puppy is black & white with tan markings and roan colouring, watch how the grey roaning fills in.