Our Breeding Program...

The focus of our program is to produce wonderful companions for you and your family.

We don't just look for a good looking pair.

Each parent is carefully selected for each mating.



First we start with health screened & genetically tested dogs, our goal is to produce the healthiest puppies possible. Next we consider temperament, our goal is to produce calm and loving companions. Finally we match the physical characteristics of the mating pair, our goals is to ensure they will compliment each other and produce not just cute puppies but stunning dogs. In taking all these factors into consideration prior to breeding, we feel confident that we are producing the healthiest, best tempered, and most gorgeous companions we can. 

The continuing health of our parent dogs is of the utmost importance to us. Prior to planning a breeding, we assess the health of our female and ensure she is physically ready to carry and whelp a new litter. If she is not ready, we will delay the breeding until she is. For this reason, we don't always have puppies available.


Please feel free to inquire about the waiting list for an upcoming litter. 

~ Annabelle ~

This little beauty came to our lives when she was just 8 weeks old. I still remember the excitement of her joining our family and counting the days until she was ready to come home. She had to be flown to us and when we arrived at the airport to pick her up we didn't really know what to expect. When the attendant passed her crate to us and we opened the door, we all instantly fell in love. 

Since then she has nuzzled her way into our beds and hearts. She is such a funny, playful, and lovable pooch. No matter what we are doing, she is happy to be by our side. Whether we are on a long hike, puttering in the yard or relaxing on the couch, she is right there following our queue. 

She brings so much laughter and joy to our family, we simply can't imagine life without her.


​​Genetic Testing:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) - Clear

  • Glycogen Storage Disease (PFK) - Clear

  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - Clear

  • Familial Nephropathy - Clear

  • Fucosidosis - Clear

    • Results can be viewed at the Pawprint Genetics​ website


Health Screenings:

  • Hips, OFA - Good

  • Elbows, OFA - Normal

  • Eyes, CAER OFA - Normal

    • Results can be viewed at the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA database) website​


CHIC Qualified:

  • Certification # 152973

  • This top level certification is achieved by screening for every disease recommended by the parent club and making the results publicly available in the OFA database. For more information on the CHIC program visit www.ofa.org/about/chic-program.