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Here's what our dog families have to say about us

If you are looking for an English springer spaniel puppy then the best breeder for you to contact is Pure Heart Spaniels in Langley, BC. That’s where I found the best little puppy ever!


Christie and her family took every consideration in preparing him for any family looking for a new member. 


He came well loved and socialized, confident and cuddly and ready to settle into his new home.  They kept me well informed all through the process and continue to provide advice and support. I’m pretty sure his sweet disposition is due to all the love and work that Pure Heart put into him from the start. 


~ Caroline G. ~


We've had 3 springer spaniels going back 30 years. We love this breed but don’t love the health issues that can come with them. In searching out a breeder we were very particular with health testing and when we came upon Pureheart, we knew this would be the right choice.


As a breeder, Christie is so diligent and the puppy we have was well socialized in many ways. She has no fear of other people, dogs, or inanimate objects and is curious, smart and learns quickly.


We adopted Stella, about a year earlier than expected but are just thrilled to have her. She is the sweetest thing. She and our other dog Charlie are having the best time together. She arrived to us being able to sit on command. After just 4 weeks she knows down, off, stay for a short time and distance, some leash walking, circle and leave it (sometimes). She is very affectionate and we know this has to do with the parents and early training that Christie does with her pups.


Pureheart has the best breeding program that we have come across, by far, in our experience of having 3 springers and 2 golden doodles.


~ Joanne L. ~

Our new English Springer Spaniel Benny is just 15 weeks old.  He has begun obedience training, is becoming well socialized and is a quick learner and clever problem solver.  He is a very good match for our family as he is rather sweet and goofy. Benny's success as he develops into a well-behaved dog, will be the sum of our many efforts repeated consistently day in and day out. Having a new puppy is "not for the faint of heart." ( house training, obedience training, little teeth chewing everything, health checks, socialization, etc.)  However, the end goal of having a loving, well mannered, gentle canine companion is one of life's greatest pleasures.  We are both proud and thankful to have one of Purhearts well cared for puppies.


Christie is a kind and considerate breeder who is passionate about her dogs.  She does a thorough and conscientious job of choosing and educating her potential puppy parents. In addition, Christie provides valuable resources on rearing, health care, training and many practical things dog related.

We are confident that Pure Heart Springer Spaniels can provide families with some of the very best examples of this wonderful breed. Along with many supports that will encourage your success  The effort and time your family puts into raising your new family member will determine the amount of joyful companionship the family will receive. 

~ Beverly B. ~

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