Breed Information...

The English Springer Spaniel is a family dog first and foremost with a happy, lively personality. Their versatility make them popular for a variety of activities: hunting, field trials, the show ring, and all kinds of dog sports.

~ The English Springer Spaniel at a glance ~

  • Temperament: Friendly, playful, affectionate and obedient

  • Size: Medium (Height 19 - 20 inches and Weight 40 - 55 pounds)

  • Coat Length: Medium

  • Coat Colours: Black or liver with white, blue or liver roan, tricolor

  • Grooming Needs: Moderate (requires weekly brushing)

  • Shedding: Occasional

  • Exercise Needs: Moderate to high (requires regular exercise)

  • Trainability: Relatively easy to train, quick to learn and eager to please

  • Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

~ A Note of Distinction ~

Any quick google search on the English Springer Spaniel may leave one a little confused, with results sometimes being inconsistent or even conflicting. That is because the English Springer Spaniel is categorized into 2 types:

show-bred dogs and field-bred dogs.

The show-bred dogs are those that are used in the show ring. The dogs in this category have longer ears, fuller coats and are more relaxed. The field-bred dogs, on the other hand, are those that are used for hunting, running, and challenging tasks like sniffing work. The dogs in this category have slimmer bodies, shorter ears & coats and have more stamina. 

Our puppies are a lovely mix of both bench and field bred. 

~ Breed Standards ~

All recognized dog breeds are ordered into distinct groups which serve to identify the function that they were bred to perform. The English Springer Spaniel (ESS) is part of the Sporting Dog Group, as it was originally bred to work with hunters to flush or "spring" birds from their cover. The breed standards offer a distinct picture in words, which outlines the ideal size, weight, colour, length of coat, tail structure, temperament and movement. 

Both the AKC and CKC breed standards for the ESS can be found below (the CKC starts on page 99). 

This delightful short video by Jackie, shares her first hand experience of getting an English Springer Spaniel puppy and how Dolly the dog has changed her life. She discusses the temperament of this breed, and tells us why to get an English Springer Spaniel.

This in-depth video review by Dogs 101, gives the lowdown on the English Springer Spaniel Breed. The video shows various springers both of the field and bench variety, with different coat colours. The video covers the top 10 facts about the English Springer Spaniel.