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~ August 2020 Litter ~



Anabelle Dillon 

This was Anabelles first litter. Although Dillon has sired many litters, sadly he passed in 2018.

This breeding was completed using Dillons frozen semen via TCI.

Blue tri roan english springer spaniel

Shamrock Aneleh Dillon O'Dyflan

AKC Registered: SR35847902

Health Screening Tests:

  • Hips - good

  • Eyes - CERF (certified as free from heritable eye disorders including PRA)


Accomplishments: International Champion and Service Dog (as a diabetic alert)

Temperament: Dillon had a temperament to die for. He was the sweetest, most gentle dog, a perfect gentleman out of the ring and a natural performer in the ring.

O'Sheas Peedie Bairn Anabelle

CKC Registered: FS775603

Health Screening Tests: 

  • Elbows - OFA normal

  • Hips - OFA fair (prelim)

  • Eyes - OFA CAER normal

  • PRA/PFK, Fuco, DM & FN - clear

Accomplishments: working on Canine Good Neighbour title (postponed due to Covid)

Temperament: Anabelle is a funny, playful girl who loves her stuffies and swimming. She is calm and sweet, happy to be out on a hike or curled up beside you on the couch.

On August 03rd, Anabelle welcomed 1 beautiful puppy:
1 boy

Sweet English Springer Spaniel Puppy
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